2 May 2008

More Bargains

Some new buys i got yesterday. I also got a load of furniture from a brilliant second hand shop 5 minutes walk from my house. That's getting delivered at four today, so i will post up photos then.

I am absolutely inlove with this lantern. It's got the same glass panel on all four sides and it's got a round hook so you can hang it. I'm going to put it in our new bathroom because i'm a sucker for candles in the bath. I think it will add a beautiful touch. It was a real bargain from TX Maxx at £5

These pictures are so adorable (£5 each). The first one will be in my son's nursery because he has a bright nautical theme and the second doesn't have a home yet. I'm thinking my kitchen, but there's not much wall space.


thriftymrs said...

Ooooh such pretty things. Love the beach hut hooks.

shabby chic furniture said...

That lantern is adorable!