10 October 2008

Blog Give-Away Winner... and update

Just a quick post, to let you know the winner of my blog giveaway has been drawn.  (Drawn by my lovely husband)

*Drum Roll*

And the dear blogger to win is, Claire, over at Serendipity Loves New York.

Thank you all for taking part,
Lea xx

{Insert ramblings.... } 
May i also just say a big thank you to Sian for my bag, and let her know i'll sort payment out this week... An updated blog of my bag and lavender bag to follow as soon as broadband is set up...

{Insert More Ramblings..}
We got our phone line at long last... BT decided that we didn't actually need to pay £150 deposit.  So phone line will be connected and live on Monday 13th October... Our 1st year marriage anniversary hehehe... 

4 October 2008

Short Good-Bye

Hello, just to let you know, i won't be updating until the end of the month.  Since moving here, we had to cancel our BT line, therefore losing broadband.  So i was delighted to discover mobile broadband.  But unfortunately i only get 3GB usage a month, and having downloaded multiplayer programme, 'Second Life', i used it all up lol.  

The draw for my layout giveaway is being done tomorrow, and i will work on that for the winner, but that is all until the new monthly usage starts.

I am trying to get a BT line again, however the £130 connection fee is terrible, but the fact they also want £150 deposit is even worse.  We simply can not afford it at this time, and im very upset with them.

Enjoy October, and catch up with you all as soon as possible xx

29 September 2008

French Chic

There is no denying that when it came to style, France got it right.  I would like to tell you more about it, but i've been researching now for 3 hours and it's coming up close to 1am.  So i cheated and copied and pasted a very brief description.

Along with Milan and New York, Paris is sometimes called the "fashion capital of the world". The association of France with fashion (Frenchla mode) dates largely to the reign of Louis XIV [26] when the luxury goods industries in France came increasingly under royal control and the French royal court became, arguably, the arbiter of taste and style in Europe.

The most beautiful movie i have ever seen is with no doubts, Marie Antionette.  The palace alone was fascinating to see on screen.  My husband has been there.  I'm incredibly jealous, but he has promised to take me for our anniversary next year.
Her gowns, shoes, fans, furniture, friends and lifestyle was so glamourous.  The colours so rich and full that i almost felt i could reach out and feel the texture of their clothes.

I have tried to capture a french feel in my home, but i have a long way to go.  I found a shop on eBay though this evening,  and i got incredibly excited over the cheap prices.

The above two imagesa are previews of what they sell.  Incredibly stunning.

French Furniture Inspiration

28 September 2008

Autumn Ideas

Autumn is my favourite season.  I love the warm colours, the sweet scent in the air and the cosy feel of the heating being put on after summer.  I was looking for some ideas for decorating the home, because why only decorate at Christmas?

Perfect for your outside areas... I could sit there and read all day.

Use pumpkins to decorate vases and ornaments.

This wreath is so beautiful, and hung on your front door, it will give visitors a warm welcome.

Perfect table decorations for dinner parties and romantic nights in.

A nice way to decorate your side units and hall tables.

Have fun with decorating champagne flutes and wine glasses.  Or why not your coffee and tea cups?

Great for mantle pieces.

Use vintage style tins and boxes to display rich coloured bouquets, indoors or outdoors.

Luxury Autumn Themed Interiors... 

By the way, thank you ladies for your input on what sort of style to go for with my Daughter's bedroom.  I think the second from last image was the winner, and we will be using that for inspiration :)

Lea xx

26 September 2008

Elegant Girly Rooms

When we moved into our house, Madisyn was Dora crazy, but in the short months we have been here she has decided she no longer likes Dora as much.  Which is a shame because her entire bedroom is kitted out with Dora.  I told Ash this before we designed her bedroom, but he insisted she had the room she had begged for.  I gave in and forgot about the ideas i had for decorating it.  But now she doesn't like Dora anymore, i see this as an oppourtunity to decorate the bedroom in a way that will grow with her.  I have so many ideas though, and can't make my mind up.  I love these pictures i found this evening.  They are classy and classic, but still girly and fun.

Circle of Blog Friends

Wouldn't it be nice for there to be a community of blog friends.  I created this poster today, hoping it would work it's way around and bring our circle closer together.

(Copy and paste the following in your blog post)

You've been Blog Friend Tagged!!
Send this poster to another blog friend, and let them know they are thought of... If you recieve this poster, then send it on again...

Display your poster proudly in your sidebar, and watch as we become a circle of blogging buddies.

25 September 2008

All Things... Colourful?

When i picture in my mind a shabby chic home, it's automatic i think of 'antique white' & 'powder blue', with the occasional 'french grey'.  And what lovely colour combinations as well.  They give your living space a calm and light atmosphere.  
But with the dark winter nights coming and the lack of sunshine through-out the day, i think it's an exciting oppourtunity to inject some colour into our home.

I love how old fashioned this is, but how much of an impact it gives. Our bathroom right now is so plain and boring, with it's all white suite and white and blue tiled walls. It's clinical and lacks warmth.

The bright colours on this chandelier gives off enough colour to bring a focal point in your living space. Matched with coloured cushions and white walls, you instantlly injected colour into your shabby chic home.

Using these bright damask quilts and cushions, you can give your bedrooms a burst of colour

Perfect finishing touches for any room.

Next time you find amazing furniture at a junk shop or carboot just waiting to be painted a delicate white, opt for bright pink instead to create a stunning feature in your home.

Absolutely adorable kitchen/dining areas... It really kicks off the vintage vibe!

Colourful damask feature walls are really popular at the moment. It's a quick an cost effective way to give your rooms personality and lot's of colour!!

All these colours, patterns and texture gives you a sense of luxury... Just like a hotel suite... There are plenty of places to get fabrics like this at real low prices... Dunelm is perfect for bargain interiors like these above.

Ridiculously shabby... But oh so chic!! I've seen several sofas like this recently in magazines and online and just can't get enough of them. They are so bright and loud, but would fit perfectly into any shabby chic scheme.

And finally, these 3 living rooms are just perfect inspiration to achieve a colourful shabby chic home. Intense with colour, but still tranquil and calm like the traditional whites and blues.