7 February 2009

Something for you to read...

So as you know, i was lost in the virtual world of Second Life for quite some time... I became so absorbed, i lost my real life self and struggled to do pretty much anything else online..  And sadly i neglected All Things Shabby Chic.  
I uninstalled and deleted Second Life (for the saviour of my mind) and have decided to put that energy into writing a short novel based on the experiences and lessons learned there.  
This place, for those of you who never found it, was a surreal and enhanced way to live any life you could imagine.  At some points it was to be noted and reminded that there were real people with real feelings on the other side, but the roleplaying was sometimes so real that you only had concern for the character and not the controller.
I've decided to keep my story on Blogger, and would love it if you would all check it out.
It may just be a game, but to me, it gave me some sense of who i am and what directions in life i want to take.  So despite leaving me with insomnia and a lack of social life, i enjoyed the last 4/5 months more than i'd like to admit and met some of the most incredible people i'll ever know.