13 May 2008

A quick update...

I have so many photos to update with, but i'm so exhausted. It's been one of those crazy weekends, where you feel you haven't really done anything more than usual, but you're absolutely zonked.

It was my son's birthday party on Sunday. My Mum's small terrace house was packed with at least 30 people, and hyper-'ate-far-too-many-cakes'-children. Of course there was a giant mess afterwards and obviously some bug floating in the air; because now my children are sick as dogs and covered in snot.

It's now Tuesday, and i think it's safe to say both myself and my husband are recovered from the event. Better news is, we got our completion statement yesterday.

We officially move in to our new home this FRIDAY! Isn't that terrific... Though we are not organised at all. Our current bedroom is completely full, from floor to ceiling in second hand furniture i've painted up and boxed of new house things. Our original things are not packed yet.

I got some awesome things from the boot sale Sunday morning by the way. I will update with photos, in time, but for now, here's a list.

- A very tall stand up mirror (£2)
- A table with built in magazine rack underneath (£2)
- An occasion table, that's straight at the back, and curves in a semi circle around the front (£4)
- One of those small, but tall tables that holds a plant or something (£3)
- An already painted blue small table (£2)
- A huge pretty canvas picture (£1)
- A very pretty antique looking lamp (£1)
- A shabby chic rug (£3)
- A rug, vanity table toy and fleece blanket for Madi (Total, £7)
And a couple of small things like picture frames, picture, book etc. But they arn't as exciting.

It was a very good car boot sale :-)

I will more than likely update with photos this evening when my poorly babies are asleep.

Take care,
Lea xx


happybunny said...

That sounds like a really good car boot sale - loads of bargains that all sound really nice.
Hope your move goes smoothly and you will be very happy in your new house.
Found your blog today - its very inspiring.

Lavender hearts said...

Congratulations! I hope the move goes well. It's hard to believe that I've been in my place now for 6 weeks! I bet you can't wait to arrange all the lovely furniture you've been painting in your new home. Can't wait to see the pics! :-)

Ziakoko said...

Wow you seem really prepared- i bet your looking forwards to unpacking and arranging everything in your new home-I'm definately coming back to see the pics!

saraeden said...

Good luck with the house move , i hope it all goes really well !!
Your having some great car boot luck too ... i went at weekend and only found a couple of things !!

Sara x