2 May 2008

New Finds!

I am so happy with these finds. The total for all of this, plus another gold framed mirror was £40 from a second hand store. My husband absolutely loves the arm chair because he's been harping on about having a 'throne' chair for so long. I'm thinking of getting it re-covered, but Ashley likes it as it is.

The chest of drawers and small table will be painted white with an antique finish. I'm so excited about them.

I will upload after pictures when i finally get around to painting things. I can't wait to move this all into our new home!


Lavender hearts said...

Hi, I've only just discovered your blog! Aren't you clever finding all those bits and bobs for so cheap! I can't believe you are only 21 and have kids and keep your own home! :-)

pink-petal-designs said...

Lovely finds, and such bargins too.
Sarah x

Diane said...

What lovely finds, I especially love the table and the shape of that chair

sharie said...

WOW! You really are the best bargain hunter!

muralimanohar said...

I was just telling my SIL yesterday how much I need a birdcage...not a bird, but just a birdcage. And that there is an AWESOME birdcage! :p

Also lusting after that armchair and mirror triptych. :p

Joanne Brown said...

Fantastic bargains!! Wow, you did well. I love the shape of the chest of drawers and they will look amaing when painted!