10 October 2008

Blog Give-Away Winner... and update

Just a quick post, to let you know the winner of my blog giveaway has been drawn.  (Drawn by my lovely husband)

*Drum Roll*

And the dear blogger to win is, Claire, over at Serendipity Loves New York.

Thank you all for taking part,
Lea xx

{Insert ramblings.... } 
May i also just say a big thank you to Sian for my bag, and let her know i'll sort payment out this week... An updated blog of my bag and lavender bag to follow as soon as broadband is set up...

{Insert More Ramblings..}
We got our phone line at long last... BT decided that we didn't actually need to pay £150 deposit.  So phone line will be connected and live on Monday 13th October... Our 1st year marriage anniversary hehehe... 

4 October 2008

Short Good-Bye

Hello, just to let you know, i won't be updating until the end of the month.  Since moving here, we had to cancel our BT line, therefore losing broadband.  So i was delighted to discover mobile broadband.  But unfortunately i only get 3GB usage a month, and having downloaded multiplayer programme, 'Second Life', i used it all up lol.  

The draw for my layout giveaway is being done tomorrow, and i will work on that for the winner, but that is all until the new monthly usage starts.

I am trying to get a BT line again, however the £130 connection fee is terrible, but the fact they also want £150 deposit is even worse.  We simply can not afford it at this time, and im very upset with them.

Enjoy October, and catch up with you all as soon as possible xx