28 July 2008


Madi made bread!! I'm ashamed to say, it was some few weeks ago, but i never got around to updating about it. She went on a playschool trip to a windmill and all of the children baked their bread. I'm so proud of her. She really enjoyed it too.

Other news, i still haven't had a smoke. I haven't used any patches for two days either. I can't use my inhalor to help, because i have an oral infection that's incredibly painful so i have literally done two days cold turkey in a week. No cravings still, but i do feel a little lost sometimes. I miss going out for a satisfying fag after i finish something around the house or after a meal.

I hope you are all enjoying this ever so summery weather. I know my son hasn't. He has screamed day and night, and scratched at his poorly exzema till it has wept. Madisyn hasn't been phased by the sticky heat what so ever. In fact, she's all for prancing about in her swim suit and smothering herself in sun cream every hour.

I on the other hand have just wanted to pull the duvet over my head and stay asleep all day for the last two. Stupid mouth infection, irritable baby, a grumpy husband (who also hates the hot weather) have all really made my M.E harder to cope with.

Anywho, will speak to you all soon.
Lea xx

24 July 2008


Afternoon my darlings. Today has been the start of something very special. For me anyway. I went to the give up smoking clinic yesterday, got my self some patches and today gave up! So far everything is going well. I woke up at 9am, and stuck my patch to my chest. So far i haven't had a craving but i do keep having slight anxiety attacks. Buttered crackers are helping. I was almost smoking 30 a day, so this is really a big thing for me already :) To distract myself, i have painted my front door and a chair. I've noticed my painting skill has became alot worse since moving into the new house. Hence why i dare not start on my beautiful wall unit just yet.

Anyway, moving on. I had some fun on Flickr the other evening. Here's what i made using their fun photo tools. A cute trading card and a pretend magazine cover. Oh to dream!

I'll be updating my feature of the month for August in the next few days, so if anybody has a unique blog to recommend, then just drop me a message.

Have a lovely day,
Lea xx

20 July 2008

Photos, Poorly Husband & Fifi...

I have finally taken updated photos of the things i have done around the house. I still need to paint the wall unit in the dining area and re-upholster the arm chair near the window. At the moment it's just covered with a red blanket, but i have started to cover it in a lovely blue fabric. The first picture is of the hallway just next to the front door and in-front of the stairs. It's all starting to come together. I have new updates in Madisyn's bedroom and our bedroom, plus kitchen and bathroom, but my camera is playing up (as you can see by the dodgey photos.)

Also, thank you for the supportive messages regarding my husband's assault. You'll all be pleased to know, he made a full recovery, but now he has suspected food poisoning. Isn't he having a fantastic month!

It's Madisyn's last day at nursery tomorrow and Tuesday. She has two fancy dress parties to attend and for one of them she shall be dressed as Fifi lol. I will update with photos because we did a dress rehearsal today and she looks so cute and funny.

Also thank you for the awards i recieved. I shall make an update on that asap.

Hope you are all enjoying your summer. Even though the weather has been terrible and all of the carboots keep getting cancelled. But instead lets enjoy warm cups of tea snuggled in our favourite blankets watching our favourite films.

Take care readers,
Lea x

11 July 2008

It's been far too long...

Oh wow, what an absolute long delay in an update. Firstly, let me apologise. I hate knowing i have kept you all waiting for an update. I have so many amazing bargains to show you, new make overs and i recieved my Swap Challege gift yesterday, that's just so cute, it deserves it's own post.
I will spend today taking photos and uploading all of the pictures and shall update this evening.

May i also use this post to talk about my husband. Unfortunately last week he was assaulted by four strangers on his way home from work. Thankfully he is ok now, but at the time he was in a bad state. When he arrived home, i honestly thought he had been stabbed because of his many cuts and bloody face and shirt. He hadn't been, and i am still shook up over what could have happened.
It opened my eyes to what sort of world we do really live in. People do get beaten up innocently, and many people are killed. We think it will never happen to those we love, or us, but it can and it does. Everytime i look at my husband now, i breath a sigh of relief that he is ok and cherish every moment i'm with him.
We should all make a special note of telling those we love how we feel. Not just husbands or wives, daughters or sons, sisters or brothers, but even our dearest friends.

Speak to you this evening,
Lea x