22 August 2008

An office

I had a slight re-arrange today and managed to make a corner in the dining room end of the house for my 'office'.  And i love it!  No more is the unfinished chair taking up all the space.  I moved it into the bedroom, and actually finished half of it.  Kudos for me.  
Anyway, it makes for a nice space to finish my home learning course.

The table was £4 from a car-boot.  I painted it white of course.  The chair in the corner with the blue cushion was £30 from the second hand store and one of my favourite buys.

13 August 2008

Makeover and crafts...

What's this?  A makeover!!?? About time heh!  I finally made over the table, chairs and wall unit... And what a transformation.  If you scroll down, you'll be able to see photos of the furniture before.  It really has transformed the room.

The new picture above the chest of drawers was made from an old brown mirror frame and a gorgeous wallpaper sample.

My younger sister has came to stay with us for summer, and today we sat down with Madisyn and our family friend chris to do arts and crafts.  We had lot's of fun and made lot's of mess whilst we were at it!

This is what i made for Madisyn's bedroom door.  Doesn't she look beautiful!

3 August 2008

Showing off!!

Ashley got me a present yesterday...

It is an absolute beauty of a machine!!  And so much faster than my laptop.  It's strange getting used to Mac, but so far so good.  There's no big box either.  Everything fits perfectly inside the monitor.  And see that little white thing above the keyboard... that's a media controller lol.  how cute.

I still haven't touched a cig.  Though i felt like it this week.  Only because i've had multiple ulcers from giving up.  I was told it was an infection at first, but i went back scared i wouldn't breath much longer from the swelling on my tongue.  They told me it was just ulcers.  JUST ulcers... I've wanted to pull my hair out and stomp my feet, I'm in so much pain with my JUST ulcers...  I feel a bit better today though lol.
I've also had constant pins and needles.  Apparently it's the blood circulating better.  I preferred it when it struggled to.  

I'm longing to visit a carboot, but my carboot buddy, Rachel, is in France, and i promised not to go until she's home next week.  So whilst she is sunning herself on the beautiful coast of France, i'm not even able to enjoy the hustle and bustle of a good old windy carboot!  Pfft...

Lea x