19 May 2008

A quick hello!

This is just a short update inbetween moving. I'm so tired lol.

I'm sorry i have no exciting pictures to update with, but i want to wait until everything in the house is in place before i do hehe. I have load's of new furniture to show you too.

Today the kid's carpets were put in, and the living room and downstairs toilet are both wallpapered beautifully. Curtains are all up, kicthen is ready to be used and so is the bathroom. It's just the rest of the carpets and furniture left to do now.

I'm so excited that everything is coming together so amazingly. I really hope you like what i have done with the decorating.

Will update again soon.

Thank you for all your good lucks and best wishes.


Lea x


Anonymous said...

Hey! Glad to hear the move is going well, can't wait to see the piccies! x

happybunny said...

So glad your move is going well - sounds lovely. looking forward to seeing the pictures.

Lavender hearts said...


I can't wait to see pics, sounds like you've been really productive! When you have the time, I have tagged you. The rules are on my blog.

Look forward to hearing all about the house.

Sian x

Sandie said...

I've tagged you too! Gosh!

Trish said...

hope its all going well hun, missing you on shabby chic xxx