5 May 2008

Fantastic Carboot Sale Finds...

I had a fantastic day today. My mum took me and the kids to a giant carboot sale out in the countryside early afternoon, and i got some real bargains, of course lol. It was absolutely packed and took what's usual a 20 minutes drive, 1 hour because of all the traffic. The weather was perfect as well.
We ended the trip with ice cream and chocolate cake and a beautiful little winebar and then came home for dinner. Whilst Mum cooked, and Ash got the children ready for bed, i started painting one of my new finds and gave my new table another coat with some new satinwood creamy paint.
Also, the yellow gingham fabric in the background of the images is a tablecloth i got today for £3 hehe.

Here are the pictures of my new buys.

The jug was £1.50 and the gravy bowl was £1 for two. I gave the other one to Mum.

This was £1

Again, £1, though i'm not sure i like it lol.

£2, and i've started painting the base this evening.

Can you believe, £1.50 for both! The edge is a very pretty groove and i'm going to paint them duck egg and replace the knobs with crystal styled ones

£2 for the entire set. They are for my cabinet.

Altogether these three items came to about £2

And finally, £2.50 for the set. Though one of them doesn't match, but i love it.


Jamie said...

omg!! what bargains....im loving the woodsware the best as i love this and collect it!

Diane said...

Oh Hun what great finds and I love that clock!!!!!!

saraeden said...

Wow what a lot of great finds .. i have been stuck at home spring cleaning all day !!!!
Must get out to a boot sale soon !!

Sara x

Joanne Brown said...

Wow! You got some great bargains there. And it sounds like you had a fun bank holiday monday too :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I just found you via Cindy @ Romantic Home and I think my mom had a set of those last dishes you posted~~memory lane! I wish she kept them as I have inherited her obsession with blue & white!!
Will be back to read more soon,

Nina1984 said...

You got some real bargains. especially the woodsware!!