14 May 2008

One make-over...

Here's a new makeover... And a boring one too. I also put less effort into this than i usually would into a makeover. But i'm glad because it's left it with a shabby look. The wood is still showing through in the ridges and on the corners, but only very slightly, giving it an instantly worn look.

This was £3 at the carboot sale... It's going to look lovely as a plant holder in my hallway... when i move in hehe..


happybunny said...

Only £3.00 - you have some good car boot sales where you live - ours are no way near as cheap.. Looks really good - send a photo with the plant when you've moved in..

Jane said...

Great work. You inspire me to re tackle one of mine that I pained a rather odd color of pink for me and it is ok being by the front door...but a new front door has to be in the pipe line and then....time for a new life for the stand. They are just so handy.
Congrats on the new house.