15 September 2008

Who is this?

We have a new addition to the family.... She's incredibly cute and small... But she doesn't yet have a name... Meet our new kitten...

(I apologise for the awful picture quality.  My phone camera doesn't work well at night time.)

She has truly made herself at home.  She has spent most of the time curled up asleep with us, but during her time awake, she has done nothing but explore.  She's only 6 weeks, but she needed a home.  I think she's happy so far.

Any name suggestions would be awesome.  We just can't decide on one.

Welcome baby cat...  


fiftiesgirl said...

I think she is a tabby hun so of course you should call her Shabby. Shabby the tabby! x

The Vintage Kitten said...

Aww shes beautiful. Our kitten Izzy is 6 months old, I watched her being born and she was the size of a mouse, now shes huge racing about the house (with her mother Tilly) and ruining the furniture. Wouldnt it be lovely if they stayed this size always. We had a similar looking cat called Tabby (not very original) but I like fiftiesgirl suggestion of Shabby. I had to live with Izzy for a few weeks to see her personality come out and as she was whizzing about almost straightaway she became Izzy Whizzy or Iz Wiz for short. Let us know what you choose X

angel said...

She is Beautiful, i think you should call her Cookin. lol

*Shabby Cat* is a goodun Lea.
or *Blog* or *Catalog* *Kits* *Chicy Cat* *Scat* ..... i could go on.
I so love your blog, you have so much class.
Mwah X x X x X x X x X

MelMel said...

I love tabbies!!


So cute!
Have you seen the kitten sleeping in the shape of a heart on my blog...think you may like it...you may have a copy if you want!!!xxxx

Lavender hearts said...

She's gorgeous. A house isn't a home without a cat! :-) Our cat is called Rosie but I always call her scamp because she likes to scamper about or princess primrose (she's a very confused kitty!)! :-)

Lace hearts said...

She is so gorgeous - love her. Your blog is looking so good. Thanks for voting on my wallpaper decision - still haven't made my mind up! lol. x

thriftymrs said...

Awww so cute. And so tiddly.

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Well done, Lea.
I love the new look that you have done for sweet Angel!
Debbie Moss

I`m off to be nosie and check your past posts!
I think I`m in for a real TREAT!

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

I`m asking to all the Bloggers to support our dear FRIEND Mandy!
Please do come over, and DO LEAVE A COMMENT!

Debbie Moss

Thanks so much for your SUPPORT!

shabby_fantastic said...

She's gorgeous!
I think she should be called 'Tinker'

Jennie said...

She is absolutely gorgeous! I shall be along to steal her shortly!
Love your blog btw. :D

Jo said...

Our cat is called Rosie, and recently had a litter of kitties - the girl we called Tilly but sadly gave her away (we kept Toby)
So, my vote is for Tilly, but Shabby is sweet too. She's very cute!

greyparrot said...

oh she is just beautiful! She looks very much like my Jessica did as a kitty. I love the idea of calling her Shabby Tabby :)