6 September 2008



I painted a feature wall of foxy pink in my kitchen hehe... I am not a fan of pink, but the idea was possessing me and it had to be done.  It isn't finished yet, because i'm going for a boutique feel.  I'm on the hunt for black wallpaper with white polka dots for the other walls and white gloss tiles for the floor.  I also want to use crystal design handles for my cupboard doors.  Now i get to re-accessorize.  It's so different to the rest of the house, but i love it.

Here are some updated photos of Madisyn's 'Dora' bedroom.  The pictures don't show it's true prettiness though :-(

And finally, i'm really proud of myself because i recently handed in my first assignment for my counselling coursework, and passed with an A.  Sadly though i left it a while and now have 6 weeks to finish the other 3 assignments.  I'm going to be very busy for the next month.


MelMel said...

Well done on your "a" good for you!

Also your kitchen looks really great.....

Lavender hearts said...

I'm good thanks hun!

Wow, I love the pink! There's some fabric/wallpaper, not sure who designs it but it's bright pink like that with a black boutique pattern on. It's on a blog I was on the other day, I'll try and remember and get back to you! I think you're right to revamp the kitchen, the kitchens they put in those new builds can be so generic so it's nice to make it unique! You have done a brilliant job!

Lavender hearts said...

Here it is:


MelMel said...

Hi...i saw the vintage kittens wallpaper, yes it is lovely!

Just watched the heartbreak kid with my hubbie, we could not stop laughing!!

I'm full up with pop corn now...!

Think i'll go to bed, tomorrow computer parts for hubs and another hunt for the tesco CK bags!

Good luck with getting your next lot of work done!


MelMel said...

thanks for the nice comment about the little shelf....xxx

The Vintage Kitten said...

Hi Lea, Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such a lovely comment. I love your kitchen, the pink is fab. And your daughters room is very girly and cute. Im coming bargain hunting with you, the little table is so gorgeous, I can never find anything like that. And did I spot Laura Ashley wallpaper? I love LA nearly as much as I love cake, and my god do I love cakes!! LOL! Toodle Pip, I will stop by again. Mandy

shabby_fantastic said...

Glad you like the hearts - If you decide you'd like a cushion, I can make it in pretty much any fabric you like to match your decor :)

Your little girls room looks gorgeous - I especially love the white bed, just recently got a white metal framed junior bed for my little boy (though his room has more of a Pooh bear theme!)

I look forward to seeing more of your blogs!


Trish said...

the kitchen looks fab lea hun :0 that pink is yum!!!! Well done on your course too xxx

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine has her kitchen in that colour and it looks great (as does yours)! She has a black and white tiled floor and creamy white units.

Reminds me I must give her a call!

Vintage Tea said...

Love the pink kitchen!

Victoria x

MaryPoppins said...

Your kitchen is fabulous, well done you, I hope it is ok to have your Shabby chic banner on my blog,it really is such acute way of getting onto the forum, it is you that desighned it isn't it. You have got some lovely banners there.X

Anonymous said...

I have "tagged" you...please see my blog for info.


Pretty Practicals said...

Hi Lea, thanks for dropping by my blog. I just love the pink kitchen wall, it will be so warm and vibrant in the winter months.
Chat soon, Liz

Nahlia said...

Hi there. Wow they say everyone has a twin in the world, your photos are spooky! I'll try and find one of myself to send you lol.

Love your blog, a girl after my own heart. Do you sleep, lol? Come visit my blog, I'm doing similar stuff. It's at http://www.homemadevintagechic.wordpress.com

PS. I painted my bedroom a similar loud shade of pink/mulberry!
Cheers from down under

Nahlia said...

PS. May I ask how/where you learnt the blog/design stuff please? I'd love to learn..looking at GIMP now, thanks for the tip!