22 September 2008

Asking for help... Giveaway!!

Please link to - http://alldesignschic.blogspot.com

For a little while now, i've been making my blog layouts and putting them up for sale for £5... Which is great, because when i researched, most of them go for £30 onwards.  Some even as high as £100 for a package.
I would love to be able to make such great money doing something i love so much, but i also know not everybody can afford to pay such money for web design.  So i have kept my layouts low in price but complete in package.

Can i ask for your support in advertising what i do, and give you this banner for you to upload to your blogs and link mine?  Everybody deserves a nice bloggie home :-)

Thank you kindly,
Lea xxx

Edit to also say...

All of you lovely people who add my banner will have your name put into a draw for a chance to win a pre-made layout (of your choice) for free!!  Please comment to apply.


Lavender hearts said...

hello ma dear, i've added your link! :-) Can you do me a layout when you have the time? I'll pay you of course! :-)

claire said...

Lea - I've done it - link on my blog - with no help - I'm so dim sorry! Only taken me a week - it was easy so cross I was thick!!!

Lynn said...

Hi Lea!
I added your link to my blog! I would so love to have a link like that for my blog! Let me know what you would charge me to make one! I sell herbal soap, and this would be great advertising!


angel said...

I have just nipped in to say, thank you for my Delish layout, i am such a happy shabby, thank you so much....... most people think i am posh now ........ ahahahah little do they know ....... thanks for the hard work and thought that went into my blog, Lea, your my hero. Mwah X x X x X

Anonymous said...

Hey lea! Thanks loads for the comment, miss you too! Interesting how we're both into similar things now LOL glad you're making some money out of this, your designs are so sweet! <3

Vintage Tea said...


I'll get it on my blog at some point the end of this week for you

Victoria x

Viki Vintage said...

Am so loving the banners - very talented. Do you do banners for Ebay shops as well? I think I have added your link but as I havent been blogging long not sure if I have added it correctly

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Hiya, I'm about to add your banner to my blog. Your designs are beautiful, hope you do really well....Claire x

lynnbin87 said...

i've added you to my blog!
i love your designs SO MUCH!

Anonymous said...

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