12 September 2008


Good evening.  

I have plenty of home photos to update with, but i didn't have access to the photos this evening, so instead, here's a picture of all my favourite parts of downstairs.  I really love the colours of my front room/diner.  The blue is pulled together by the small detail in the sitting area's wallpaper.  Most of the furniture is second hand and freshened up with paint.  I worked out the total cost of my home and trust me, you don't need to spend hundreds in the highstreet shops.  You can find so much at second hand stores and carboots, which is a bonus for the environment too.

Click to enlarge.

Updated news in my life consists of...

- The enrollment on an interior design course.
- An A in my first counselling assignment.
- New wallpaper in my kitchen, and the feature wall will no longer be pink next week.  Photos coming soon.

Also... A question.
Has anybody got a place in their home with a collection of family photos?  It's something i've been doing in two seperate areas.  One in my front room for my wedding photos, and one in my hallway of the kids with me and Ash.
I shall be uploading photos of these tomorrow.  It would be great to see other people's.

Well good night.
Lea xxx


Vintage Tea said...

You have a lovely home.

Congratulations on the A!

Victoria x

Indigo Blue said...

Thanks for visitng my blog. Lovely wedding photo in your margin!! Take part in the giveaway if you want to it is open to all. I amgoing to have a closer look at your blog.
Best wishes.

The Vintage Kitten said...

Your house is looking amazing. If I didnt know I would have thought those pictures were from a magazine. It is all decorated in a very calm and relaxing colour scheme. I dont know how you keep it looking so perfectly clean and tidy. Mr K would 'mucky it up' within minutes. I like family photographs grouped together in one place i.e. the sitting room or hallway and the odd older black and white photo in a nice frame on a table or bookcase. Unfortunately some of the older members of my family arent going to win Miss World so my lot tend to look like a rogues gallery. I have a photo of my nanna in the seventies and I swear her hair is in the style of a oompa loompa from Willy Wonka!!

Lynn said...

I love your rooms! I am such a vintage, cottage, shabby person and I don't have any friends who are. I love your blog and I am adding to my love to read list......

Anonymous said...

My god your house is gorgeous!! jealous!!