24 July 2008


Afternoon my darlings. Today has been the start of something very special. For me anyway. I went to the give up smoking clinic yesterday, got my self some patches and today gave up! So far everything is going well. I woke up at 9am, and stuck my patch to my chest. So far i haven't had a craving but i do keep having slight anxiety attacks. Buttered crackers are helping. I was almost smoking 30 a day, so this is really a big thing for me already :) To distract myself, i have painted my front door and a chair. I've noticed my painting skill has became alot worse since moving into the new house. Hence why i dare not start on my beautiful wall unit just yet.

Anyway, moving on. I had some fun on Flickr the other evening. Here's what i made using their fun photo tools. A cute trading card and a pretend magazine cover. Oh to dream!

I'll be updating my feature of the month for August in the next few days, so if anybody has a unique blog to recommend, then just drop me a message.

Have a lovely day,
Lea xx


Country Bliss said...

Good luck giving up smoking, all that painting should help giving you something to do with your hands.

Lavender hearts said...

Good luck hun, you should actually put the exact money you'd spend on ciggies away and buy something nice with it. I never did after I gave up 4 years ago, my money now seems to go on things for my house! hehe.

driftwood shack said...

well done girl- I know its only day 1 but I'm sure you can do it!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with it.... think of all the money you'll save ... as lavender hearts says ... stash it away and use it for something nice for yourself.

We're here to encourage you!