11 July 2008

It's been far too long...

Oh wow, what an absolute long delay in an update. Firstly, let me apologise. I hate knowing i have kept you all waiting for an update. I have so many amazing bargains to show you, new make overs and i recieved my Swap Challege gift yesterday, that's just so cute, it deserves it's own post.
I will spend today taking photos and uploading all of the pictures and shall update this evening.

May i also use this post to talk about my husband. Unfortunately last week he was assaulted by four strangers on his way home from work. Thankfully he is ok now, but at the time he was in a bad state. When he arrived home, i honestly thought he had been stabbed because of his many cuts and bloody face and shirt. He hadn't been, and i am still shook up over what could have happened.
It opened my eyes to what sort of world we do really live in. People do get beaten up innocently, and many people are killed. We think it will never happen to those we love, or us, but it can and it does. Everytime i look at my husband now, i breath a sigh of relief that he is ok and cherish every moment i'm with him.
We should all make a special note of telling those we love how we feel. Not just husbands or wives, daughters or sons, sisters or brothers, but even our dearest friends.

Speak to you this evening,
Lea x


Joanne Brown said...

Oh Lea!! That's awful about your husband's attack. I'm so glad that he's okay. Experiences like this sure do put things in perspective! It's shocking how bad some parts of society has become. But there's also a lot of good out there and good people too.

Looking forward to your updates!

Sandie said...

Lea - I am so sorry to hear about your husband .... what a terrible thing. Good to hear he is okay but he must still be in shock.

Wishing him, you and your lovely family well.

angel said...

Bless Leah. *hugs*
I really dislike the way this world is changing...... sorry you both have had such a rotten time of it.

Elaine said...

(((Lea & DH)))

It's so awful, to do that to someone.I hope he's on the mend proper.
Love and blessings

Lavender hearts said...

Oh my god, that's terrible! poor man, i hope he's ok! It must have really shaken you both up. did they catch the culprits?

driftwood shack said...

I know exactly how you feel- one morning I watched my boyfriend limp up to my doorway, his face bruise and swollen, and cut up. The explanation seemed just senseless-and that's what it is senseless and mad that these things happen to normal ordinary people who would hurt a fly. I still feel angry when I look at the scars on his face 15 years on, we don't talk about it but we do feel wiser, and hope we can protect our sons from the same thing. I do wish your husband well,and I hope you get over the shock soon too.

Sandie said...

Just popping by to say hello and to say I am giving you a Blog Award - see mine for info

I enjoy your blog - but have been upset to read about your husband's awful experience - hope he is now fully recovered.

Wishing you and your lovely family well. xx

claire said...

Hi Lea
I too am giving you an award (Sandie beat me to it!!!) But see we love your blog - hope everything is ok and you're back soon

saraeden said...

Oh Lea i have only just caught up with reading my blogs ( i know im a bad blogger at the moment ) and i am so sorry to hear about your hubby , Chris was attacked on a night out once and it really scared me too .
I hope you are both ok and im sending you a huge big hug x x x

Sara x