6 June 2008

Better Pictures

Okay, it took longer than i expected to get a good update of the house in it's very almost finished state. I have taken bigger and more detailed photos for you.


Joanne Brown said...

Wow - you've made it look beautiful!! Well done you :) I love the lamp in the second picture. And all the baskets!! Just gorgeous. joanne x

happybunny said...

Thank you for sharing your photos -Your home looks lovely. I love the wallpaper you have chosen and the settee with the cushions looks really welcoming. A beautiful home for you all.

Raspberry Grace said...

Gorgeous pictures!!!

Just lovely :)

You should be proud!

Love, Rasp xx

Lavender hearts said...

Hiya, Just to let you know that I've tagged you.Keep the pics of your house coming, I love to see all the progress you're making! Looks brilliant!

Clairey said...

I spy the mirror! Looks fab.