2 June 2008


I am so so so sorry i haven't updated for a while. Too be honest, i'm just being lazy. I have plenty to update about, i just haven't got round to taking the photos of certain things yet. Updates that will be coming in the next couple of days will include -

* Photos of my new dining table and chairs.
* A photo of the lovely May swap challenge gift i recieved from the wonderful Diane.
* Some updated photos of the house, and much bigger and better ones too!
* Photos of the new pictures i have made.

So there are a few photos that need taking and a few projects also lined up to be getting on with. But i am achey and tired and decided to laze around this evening.

I had a hard day with the children yesterday, which reduced me to swaying backwards and forwards on the stairs crying about a spot on my bum that made everything so much more difficult. Oh the pity! Mum was here ina flash to console me, bless her heart. "Pull yourself together!"
It has been difficult though. The kids have a giant community garden to share which is wonderful and the neighbours are all wonderful people. We have even shared wine outside on the patios in the evenings which has been lovely. And next door, the woman couldn't be any kinder. She's fantastic. But her 4 year old son seems to have it in for 2-3 year olds. So Madisyn and a few other little ones are getting picked on and kicked, and pushed and punched which is such a shame because other than the one boy, everybody plays perfectly. I don't want to upset his mum by telling her to sort him out. The other parents are sick of it too though and it's not fair that our children can't play in peace.

Well, i will be back with photos in a few days. Most likely tomorrow.

Take care all,
Lea xx


claire said...

Oh thats a tricky one lea...I've had problems like this over the years with 1 of my boys or another - you like the mum but the kids a mare!! Hope you can work something out x

happybunny said...

Hi Lea,
Yeah I sympathise - Like Claire said I too have been in this position. I had one instance where things got so bad that I had a polite word with mum thinking that as were friends it could be sorted but mum came back to me saying that both and her daughter were 'absolutely stunned' that anyone could possibly think her daughter capable of such a thing. Unfortunately some parents dont actually see whats staring them in the face.
Perhaps this child will start school in september as they are 4 and maybe, just maybe it may just be a temporary setback for you.
The house looks lovely - you are doing a terrific job with it - dont let the children thing get you down - it will pass.

Country Bliss said...

It is so hard when this sort of thing happens. I've worked with young children for 20 years and often the parents can see no wrong in their children and will end up falling out with other parents because of it. Sometimes it's easier to try to ignore it but obviously if he is quite violent you've got to think of your kids. Perhaps he'll settle down once they have all got used to each other.

Lea said...

Thank you for the reassurance. I really hope it eases up. It's so upsetting. Sorry Claire and Happybunny that you too have been through this. xx