4 October 2008

Short Good-Bye

Hello, just to let you know, i won't be updating until the end of the month.  Since moving here, we had to cancel our BT line, therefore losing broadband.  So i was delighted to discover mobile broadband.  But unfortunately i only get 3GB usage a month, and having downloaded multiplayer programme, 'Second Life', i used it all up lol.  

The draw for my layout giveaway is being done tomorrow, and i will work on that for the winner, but that is all until the new monthly usage starts.

I am trying to get a BT line again, however the £130 connection fee is terrible, but the fact they also want £150 deposit is even worse.  We simply can not afford it at this time, and im very upset with them.

Enjoy October, and catch up with you all as soon as possible xx


The Vintage Kitten said...

Will pop back when you are sorted. Toodle Pip for now X

MelMel said...

See you soon!!
BT really sting you with the charges!!! ggrrr!
Big hugxxxxxx

angel said...

Aw Lea, we are gunna miss you:-( hurry back.

We have just spent 4hrs [on and off] on the phone with bt getting my Broadband sorted, to be truthful they sorted out all the problems, i would never have been able to do it, they may seem expensive but i am so glad they were there to help.

thriftymrs said...

We will miss you. Please do try Virgin (if they are in your area) their prices are very good and they generally come out within the week to install!
Take care of yourself.x

Lavender hearts said...

Oh no! I know how you feel, we are struggling at the moment and my car is coming up for a service. It's difficult to make ends meet sometimes isn't it? I will get round to posting your bag hun, i've been unusually busy this week and it comes at a time that my work have suddenly decided that you are no longer allowed to use the internal postal service! :-(

I hope you get your internet sorted out soon.

Sian x

sharie said...

ahhh! BT do my head in. You try to get some customer service and they pretend that they don't understand you yet mention money and they understand every word!

We had to pay over hundred pounds for a line and they made us sign a contract for 12 months too.